Coquille Indian Tribe
Tribal Council

The Tribal Council is the governing body of the Coquille Indian Tribe. As elected representatives, the Council exercises all legislative authority except that which is vested in the Coquille General Council. The Tribal Council passes laws and sets the overall agenda for the development of programs to serve Tribal members and their families. The Tribal Council also approves resolutions on matters of temporary interest and passes ordinances on matters of general and permanent interest to members.

The Tribal Council ensures that all legislative, judicial, and executive functions of the Tribe are carried out and that all Tribal members are accorded the opportunity to participate in the programs, activities, and economic resources of the Tribe.

There are seven positions on the Council including Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, Chief and 3 Representatives. All positions on the Council are elected by a majority vote of Tribal members 18 years and older. The primary responsibilities of the Tribal Council include:

  • Public Policy and Legislation — The Tribal Council reserves legislative authority to establish public policy, enact laws, ordinances and regulations to carry out the duties of government.
  • Judicial — The Tribal Council established a Tribal Court, and can establish other lower courts, as may be appropriate, to carry out the judicial functions and needs of the Coquille Indian Tribe.
  • Executive and Fiscal Administration — The Tribal Council delegates administrative responsibilities of the Coquille Indian Tribe to the Executive Director, who reports to the Tribal Council. The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the executive administrative functions, implementing Tribal laws, ordinances and regulation, day-to-day management and executive oversight of personnel, departments, and programs within the Coquille Tribal Administration. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) works closely with the Executive Director to monitor and protect the financial integrity of the Tribe and its assets, and provide financial reports to the Tribal Council.
  • Policy Advisory Committees and Boards — The Tribal Council creates and appoints committee and boards to advise the Tribal Council on matters of importance to the Tribe and its members. Tribal member appointments to these committees and boards are emphasized to encourage maximum participation and input from Tribal members, provide for increased Tribal member knowledge of Tribal government operations, and ensure ongoing knowledge of Tribal needs and opportunities.
  • Economic Development — The Tribal Council charters subordinate organizations and boards for the purpose of carrying out business and enterprise development and management activities.

Council Members

The primary spokesperson for the Tribe, the Tribal Chair represents the Tribe by name and title, provides for correspondence with all other governments and entities on behalf of the Tribe and chairs all General Council meetings.  The Tribal Chair also carries out specific duties, including oversight for the management and administration of Tribal operations and government, setting agendas, calling regularly scheduled Tribal Council and General Council meetings, and presenting and explaining the position of the Coquille Indian Tribe in all matters of importance.

Brenda Meade (Term of Office 2015-2018)

Assists the Tribal Chair in the duties of the office, carries out the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence, and assumes these duties in the event that the Chairperson is absent or not able to carry out the required duties.

Kippy Robbins (Term of Office 2014-2017)

The Tribal Chief is the spokesperson of the Coquille Indian Tribe on cultural, spiritual and historical matters, represents the Tribe at cultural events, facilitates understanding of the Tribe’s culture and heritage, and ensures that the Tribal Council considers the cultural and spiritual needs of the Tribe in its decision-making.  The Tribal Chief also acts as the Chair to General Council meetings in the absence of the Tribal Chair and Vice Chair.

Don Ivy (Term of Office 2014-2016)

Ensures the accurate recording of all Tribal Council meetings and decisions certifies minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and other actions of the Tribal Council, and reports on the financial integrity of the Tribe, including a review of all audits.

Joan Metcalf (Term of Office 2015-2018)
Representative #1:





Toni Ann Brend (Term of Office 2015-2018)

Representative #2:




Linda Mecum (Term of Office 2014-2017)

Representative #3:




Eric Metcalf (Term of Office 2013-2016)