Coquille Indian Tribe
Executive Management Services

The mission of Executive Management Services is to provide executive management and oversight to all Coquille Tribal departments and programs, implementing Tribal Council priorities, working towards equity of services to all Tribal members, while improving Tribal member and family access to Tribal programs and services.

The Executive Management Services is comprised of four core functions carried out by the Executive Director.

Core Functions of Executive Management Services
  • Executive Management and Administration
    • Provide executive management and administrative support services to the Tribal Council and exercise supervision and oversight over all Tribal administration departments and programs ensuring implementation of Tribal Council priorities and directives and performance of program operations in compliance with applicable laws, policies and procedures.
  • Tribal Member Relations and Communications
    • Develop and implement strategies to strengthen Tribal member relations, awareness of Tribal Government services and participation in Tribal Government activities.
  • External Public Relations and Communications
    • Implement public relations/media strategies which promote general public knowledge of Tribal culture, programs and activities.
  • Monitoring and Review of Tribal Government Operations and Implementation of Management Improvement
    • Conduct on-going monitoring of Tribal program achievements under the Five-Year Strategic Plan and implement strategies for improvement of Tribal government program operations.
Executive Director

George Smith

Deputy Executive Director

Mark Johnston

Overview Organizational Chart