Coquille Indian Tribe
CIT Committees:

The Coquille Indian Tribe uses Committees as a means for Tribal Council to assist with the Tribe’s responsibility of providing services to its members and provide advice on programs and/or projects the Tribe is developing. Committees are created by Tribal Council to act in an advisory capacity identifying needs of the Tribe and recommend courses of future action to resolve the needs. Committees work with CIT staff, and on some occasions, outside organizations on matters related to the Committee’s duties.

In general, committees work on a wide range of subjects. These range from broad issues such as developing cultural related projects and programs or providing feedback on the Tribe’s educational needs. Other Committees are created with a more specific focus such as reviewing enrollment applications or helping plan the development of a specific project such as the Tribe’s cemetery. Committees generally consist of members of the Coquille Indian Tribe. In some cases, the parent of a Tribal member or CIT staff members will participate as a Committee member to lend their expertise to the group's work.

The information on the following committees includes a brief description of their purpose, responsibilities and duties. Contact information for Tribal members wishing to learn more about the committee’s work and/or how to get involved with a respective committee is also provided. If possible, scheduling information for the respective committee meeting dates will also be available. For more information on any CIT committee, Tribal members can contact the CIT main office for a copy of the Committee’s bylaws.